Settled case for significant amount

“Mr. Elliott settled my case for a significant amount which I have invested and will take care of me for the rest of my life…went above and beyond what I thought a lawyer would do for me.” —Linda Kay Greeley

He is the Best!

“If you ever needed a lawyer he would be the one to obtain. He listens and knows exactly what you want. His office personnel is so helpful too. He is the best!”


“Jay is a thoughtful, professional and well versed attorney; Very personable, easy to talk to and a straight shooter. I give Jay and his team my Highest Personal recommendation.”

Worked hard

“I always felt Mr. Elliott worked hard on my case. He took time to answer questions I had. He was professional, honest and ethical. I was highly satisfied with Elliott Law Office and would recommend them to anyone needing legal counsel.”

Jay’s Knowledge

“Jay’s knowledge and expertise proved to be invaluable in my recent work-related injury case. Since he has worked for both the plaintiff and the defense in over twenty years’ of cases, he knew exactly how to build my case.”