Nebraska workers’ compensation

The Nebraska workers’ compensation system was designed to make filing a claim for a work-related injury easy and efficient.

This article explains the first steps that must be taken in a Nebraska workers’ compensation claim.

Pursuing a Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Claim

First things first, call 911. You may not feel the full effect of your injury for hours or days later. So, be sure to get yourself fully checked out by a doctor.

After seeking medical attention, you should take the following step to pursue a workers’ compensation claim:

1. Identify Witnesses

A witness can be pretty much anyone––a fellow worker, a delivery driver or somebody making a visit to your place of employment. If they do not work with you, you may never see them again. So, get their contact details and ask them exactly what they saw.

2. Take Pictures of the Accident Site

Take pictures of the accident site and everything that could have caused your accident, such as a slippery surface or a stack of boxes that may have fallen on you. Take pictures of any cuts, scrapes, bruises or other injuries you have sustained. Your smartphone is an excellent tool for this.

3. Report the Accident to Your Supervisor

Don’t procrastinate. The longer it takes you to report the injury to your supervisor, the more inclined your employer or its insurance company will be to deny or minimize your claim.

4 . Obtain a Claim Form

Your employer has to provide you with a claim form. Be sure you get one and fill it out thoroughly. Procrastination can lead to delays in medical treatment and wage replacement benefits. In the event that your employer wants to fill out the form for you, request to fill out the form yourself, or be sure that you agree with what your employer writes down before you sign the completed form.

5. Contact an Experienced Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Workers’ compensation law has its own vocabulary. The documents for your claim will include lots of terminology that you may not be familiar with.

In addition, there will be many other things that must be taken into consideration and various deadlines that must be met.

Insurance providers, take advantage of this complexity because it creates confusion and allows them to deny, delay or minimize your workers’ compensation benefits.

For this reason, you may want to speak with an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer who can help you navigate the pitfalls of the workers’ compensation system.

A good workers’ compensation attorney will make sure that you get the medical care you need to recover and return to work as soon as possible.

Contact an Experienced Nebraska Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

There is a lot that can go wrong when filing a workers’ compensation claim. However, a competent workers’ compensation lawyer can help you receive the benefits you need to recover both physically and financially.

Each case is different and every injured worker’s situation is unique. So, allow our experienced Nebraska workers’ compensation lawyers to evaluate your case free of charge. Call us today at 308-532-1963 to schedule an appointment or simply ask Nebraska Workers’ Comp Lawyer Jay Elliott a question about your case.